Malcolm Roberts Livid After ABC Forces Him To Take Off Tin Foil Hat For Q&A Appearance


Former One Nation Senator and current village idiot Malcolm Roberts is reportedly livid at the National broadcaster after they asked him to remove his tin foil hat prior to his appearance on their Q&A program last night.

“How dare the ABC try to tell me, Malcolm Leuan Roberts, what to wear and even think,” said Mr Roberts. “That hat is important, without it, everyone from Major League Baseball to the French can tap into my thoughts.”

“This is not right. I will not stand, sit or cluck like a chicken for it.”

Mr Roberts struggles drew sympathy from his colleagues with One Nation’s head loon for NSW Mark Latham taking up the attack, saying: “Typical ABC targeting those that even dare look to the right. Poor old Malcolm he just wants to wear his hat. How’s that offensive?”

“What will be next for the ABC to target? Will guests not be allowed to bring on breakfast beers when appearing on breakfast TV?”

“It’s political correctness gone mad I tells ya.”

The ABC could not be reached for comment as they were busy trying to figure out the correlation between Malcolm Roberts’ appearance and record low ratings for their Q&A show.

Mark Williamson

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