Candidate Sacked For Posting Cruel Joke About Cutting Off His Dog’s Nose


A Labor Party candidate has been disendorsed after it was revealed that he had posted a joke that glorified animal cruelty to Facebook back in 2013.

“Glenn’s post about mutilating his pet by taking a knife to one of its vital organs and then gloating about the rankness of its body odour is horrifying and unacceptable from someone seeking public office,” said leader Bill Shorten after sacking candidate Glenn Gormless from the unwinnable inner city seat of Laneway West. “Joking about harming defenceless animals, no matter how badly they smell, is just not on.”

The Coalition has not responded to calls to sack its own candidate in the seat of New England, who was accused of actually poking fun of a horse for having a long face by a West Australian staffer back in 2016.

“I sincerely apologise to all dogs, dog lovers, anyone who smells terrible and the RSPCA,” said a contrite Mr Gormless. “Good comedy always punches up not down, and if I was unhappy about how my dog smelled all I needed to do was give him a good bath.”

Peter Green

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