Bolt Blames His Viewers All 6 Of Them For The Rise Of Bill Shorten


Sky News host and prolific blogger Andrew Bolt has lashed out at his viewers, all 6 of them for the rise in popularity of Labor leader Bill Shorten,

“I worry for this country, I really do,” said a laboured Andrew Bolt. “First they came for George Pell and I said plenty but they didn’t listen. Now they are going to elect a Shorten led Government despite what I and every other New corp columnist has shouted at them.”

“Unbelievable, when will Australia realise there is a white way and a wrong way to do things and I just want them to do what’s white.”

When asked why he felt his viewers, all 6 of them were to blame Mr Bolt replied: “Well maybe I am being too harsh. I’m sure if I look hard enough I can find someone else to blame like the Greens, or Get Up or the Aborigines, no not them, last time I did that I ended up in court.”

“Anyway tune in tomorrow night to the Bolt Report to see who I blame, with any luck maybe our viewership will hit the double figures mark.”

Mark Williamson

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