Barnaby Asks The AFP To Raid A Few Offices And Find Him A Couple Of Good Sorts


Former Special Envoy for the Man Drought Barnaby Joyce has called upon the Australian Federal Police to raid a few offices and wrangle him up a couple of good sorts who would be able to ‘work’ under him.

“Since Vicki has been off looking after the young ones my office has been short a few bodies, so rather than doing all that interviewing and stuff why don’t I just outsource the recruiting to the AFP,” said Mr Joyce. “I mean if it’s good enough for Dutton to use them to intimidate the press then why can’t I use them to round up some good sorts?”

When asked whether he felt using the AFP in this manner was the best use of resources Mr Joyce replied: “Who won the election, was it Shorten? Labor? No it was us…..heck George Christensen even increased his margin and he spent most of his last term in the Philippines.”

“Don’t like what we’re doing then vote against us……in 3 years time. Now clear off before I set the AFP onto you.”

Mark Williamson

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