Dutton Demands The ABC Rework Q&A So That It’s Just A


Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton has demanded that the national broadcaster the ABC rework their popular show, Q&A to remove the Q portion of the show and simply have it be all about the A.

“I think for too long the ABC has been treating my Government with absolute contempt by, get this daring to ask us questions,” said the Dark Lord Peter Dutton. “Whose side is the ABC on anyway?”

“They know this time that if they don’t listen to us then well I guess I’ll just have to send in the AFP again.”

When asked why he and his Government were so averse to being questioned Minister Dutton replied: “How dare you question me and my Government, you know what just for that you’re going to be raided, now what’s your address?”

“Tell me or I’ll have to get the AFP to beat it out of you.”

Mark Williamson


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