Queensland Announces New Tourist Attraction Grand Canyon 2.0


The Queensland Government has this week announced that they will be launching a new tourist attraction the Grand Canyon 2.0 which will be located in the Galilee basin.

“What an exciting time to be a Queenslander,” said Premier Anastacia Palaszcuk. “All this doom and gloom over the reef dying off, well no need to worry anymore as we have the Grand Canyon 2.0 coming to replace it.”

“Who wants to see turtles, coral and Nemo’s when you can see coal being taken from the earth. Also the whole mine is automated, how’s that kiddies trucks that drive themselves.”

When asked why they are pushing the Adani mine site as a tourist attraction the Queensland Premier replied: “Well we have to do something to create jobs. I mean with a fully automated mine there won’t be any jobs there. So if we can kick the tourist industry into gear then everything will be bonza.”

“Now if you’ll excuse I’m off to set up the souvenir stand, can I interest you in some coral, it’s been freshly bleached.”

Mark Williamson


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