ScoMo Sends Trump A Cronulla Sharks 2019 Season Highlights Video After The President Asks Him For A Downer

trump morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison has urgently sent a 2019 season highlights video of the Cronulla Sharks to Washington after President Trump asked him for a Downer.

“What a great relationship we have when the President can ask me to send him a Downer,” said Prime Minister ScoMo. “And for me nothing gets me more down than seeing the Sharks not win.”

“This season was enough to send a man to drink or worse Engadine Maccas.”

The Whitehouse did respond to Prime Minister ScoMo’s package both thanking him but also pointing out it was not the Downer they were after. With a Spokesperson saying: “Whilst we thank the Australian people for the video this is not quite what the President was after.”

“We ask that Australia provide us with a Downer, the one named Alexander. We wish to have some discussions with him at our Guantanamo bay ‘resort.’

Alexander Downer was unavailable for comment as he was busily looking for jobs for his daughter.

Mark Williamson

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