Awkward Moment As Former PM Tony Abbott Turns Up To ScoMo’s End Of Year Drinks Uninvited


The gossip around Canberra this morning is how former Prime Minister Tony Abbott made an uninvited appearance at current Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s end of year drinks celebration for members of the current Government.

“It was very awkward having Tony there, sure a couple of his old mates made him feel welcome but it just wasn’t right having him around,” said a Government Insider. “I mean he just doesn’t take a hint, we voted him out as leader his time has been and gone.”

“This is happening all too frequently with Tony, he’ll pop up here say something there visit a convicted pedophile every now and then, can’t he just take up golf or something?”

When reached for comment on his appearance at ScoMo’s end of year drinks Mr Abbott said: “It was a lovely evening I just happened to be down in Canberra and my good mate Eric Abetz left the back door to Scotty’s office open for me to slide in, was just like old times.”

“Though Eric did get a little bit upset about me talking about sliding in the back door, he’s a funny one.

“Sigh, If only Cardinal Pell could’ve been there to join us.”

Mark Williamson

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