Cricket Australia Applies For A Restraining Order Against The Prime Minister

morrison map

Cricket Australia has taken the unprecedented step of applying to the courts ahead of the Sydney test to take out a restraining against the Prime Minister. Claiming that his constant talk of cricket at the expense of the bushfires is tarnishing their brand.

“Usually we love the having the Prime Minister talking up or attending our tests,” said a spokesperson for Cricket Australia. “However we think that at the moment it’s probably best if the Prime Minister spent less time in the corporate boxes and more time comforting those affected by the bushfires.”

“I mean the country is on fire for God’s sake.”

When asked how he took the news the Cricket Australia spokesperson said: “Well he didn’t get mad or didn’t really react at all, he was more concerned with trying to connect his phone to our wi-fi.”

“Said something about checking out Flight Centre for some cheap holiday deals.”

The Sydney test starts Friday, January 3rd at the SCG assuming the bushfire smoke around Sydney subsides.

Mark Williamson

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