ScoMo Calls Trump To Offer Assistance Like A Holiday To Port Douglas To Help Fight California Bushfires

Australian Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has called US President Donald Trump to offer the country assistance like a holiday to Port Douglas to help fight the raging California bushfires.

”I know myself that last summer whilst Australia burned my week long holiday in Hawaii with Jen and the kids was just the shot in the arm that I needed,” said Prime Minister Scotty. ”So, why shouldn’t President Trump get a chance to unwind in Port Douglas, after all it’s not like he or I holds a hose.”

”Hopefully, he can get the California wildfires under control as I’d love to take the kids to a smoke free Disneyland later this year.”

When reached for comment on the Australian Prime Minister’s offer, President Trump said: ”What an offer, from what’s his name Scotty? Or is it Bobby?”

”Anyway, his name’s not important, I’d love to come down to Australia maybe after the election, assuming I’m released on bail.”

”Do we have an extradition treaty with Australia? If so let’s tear it up.”

Mark Williamson


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