Scotty From Marketing: 10 Iconic Buildings That I Want To Pose Next To

As I sit here in isolation at the Lodge with only my 16 personal photographers and 40 strong team of media advisors to keep me company, I have a lot of time to ponder what I want to achieve as PM, not just for me but the country.

I saw that good mate Dominic Perrotet penned an article for that arty, left-leaning rag the Sydney Morning Herald about all the buildings he wants to demolish and I had a bit of a chuckle.

As I thought instead of tearing buildings down isn’t it better to just have your picture taken next to them?

This year has been very busy for not only myself but my whole media team. I have had my photo taken building a cubby house, a chook house, trying to shake the hand of a bushfire survivor not to mention the many, many times I’ve been photographed at the footy having a beer like any daggy old Dad.

So, where to next?

Well there are 295 Bunnings hardware warehouses in Australia and whilst it may be a struggle I hope to have my photo taken at each and every one of them.

But, I won’t stop there. Earlier this year I had my photo taken with a wombat. Australia has many photogenic animals for me to hold and as we know animal pics play well in the ‘burbs.

Whilst it may be awhile before my beloved Sharks are back on the field I will make sure to have my picture taken at as many cricket games as I can. Well, as long as the team I support is winning that is.

Of course I will also spend my weekends cooking up a storm for the photographers, and my family. Jen and the girls love a picture of me cooking up a curry.

So, rest assured Australia, your PM is out there working for you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Engadine Maccas to have my picture taken pointing out a spill to the cleaning staff.

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