Dude Who Turned Up To Work 2 Days Out Of 5 Really Looking Forward To The Weekend

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has been telling colleagues how much he’s looking forward to the weekend, after a grueling week which saw the PM have to rock up to work 2 consecutive days in a row.

”Scott has really been burning the midday oil this week,” said a Spokesperson for the PM. ”He’s been in the office 2 full days, well 2 and a bit he did knock off early Thursday as he wanted to beat the traffic.”

‘But, still 2 days in a row is a new PB for the PM.”

When asked why the PM wasn’t doing more than just turning up sporadically to take credit for things, the Spokesperson said: ”Ah come on, he’s doing the best that he can.”

”Besides, you want to be careful cause if the PM falls then the Dark Lord Peter Dutton will rise.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, the PM has asked me to pick him up some comfort food, can you direct me to Engadine?”

Mark Williamson


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