ScoMo’s Creepy Mate Tells Him To Grab Some Duty Free Tia Maria On The Way Back From Glasgow

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison’s creepy mate George Christensen has demanded that the PM grab him a bottle of Tia Maria from duty free when the PM returns from Glasgow.

”George is a mate and we do things for our mates,” said the PM. ”Sure, I was going to grab a bottle of Tia Maria for Jen, but, you know … Jen has me, so no need for the bottle of booze!”

”Besides, I better get the bottle for George or who knows what he will do, if he doesn’t get his own way?”

When asked why he would prioritise his colleague’s needs over his wife and country’s, the Prime Minister said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”All Australians are equal, it’s just that some like George or Gina or Barnaby are more equal than others.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, George said he was hungry so I best be off to make the man a sandwich.”

Mark Williamson


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