PM Tipped To Replace Lyon In 5th Test As He’s A Superior Spinner

The Australian Cricket team is poised to pull a selection stunner by naming Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the team replacing Nathan Lyon, after Selectors saw the PM demonstrate his mastery of spin at his latest press conference.

”Did you see Scott, err, ScoMo yesterday, he was spinning them 180 degrees,” said a Spokesperson for Cricket Australia. ”I tell you he will be unplayable on day 4 of this test.”

”If all goes well and Australia votes him back in we might be able to take him to the sub-continent later in the year.”

When reached for comment on his selection for Australia, the PM said: ”How good’s cricket?”

”Certainly better than boring bloody tennis, like anyone would want to watch that.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the game to make sure I get my photo taken before I get all sweaty.”

Mark Williamson


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