ScoMo Feigns A Cough And Asks Jen If She Can Call The Office And Tell ’em He’s Sick

Australian Prime Minister (for now) Scotty who was fired from marketing has woken up this morning put on a faint cough and asked his wife Jen if she could call the office and tell ’em that he’s sick.

”I’m not feeling great if I can be honest,” said the PM in a hastily arranged press conference live from his lounge room. ”I think a few days on the couch catching up on some day time TV and sucking down a few Lucozades is just what the Dr ordered.”

”One’s thing for sure, what I don’t need is a week of scrutiny and questions, the Dr definitely didn’t order that.”

When asked if he was really sick or just putting it on to get a few days off of work, the PM said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”I am nothing if not an honest man.”

”Do you really think that I would get Jen to call in to the office for me if I wasn’t sick?”

”Come on, if I really wanted a week off I would’ve told them I had Covid.”

”Let’s hope I don’t fall sick with Covid, unless of course it will help with my polling.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think American Pickers is on 7 Mate, might get Jen to make me a grilled cheese to eat whilst it’s on. Oh, and an orange juice would be nice and maybe a muffin.”

Mark Williamson


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