ScoMo Asks Jen To Call Dutts And Tell Him He’s Too Sick To Be Censured

Australia’s soon to be censured former minister for health/technology/infrastructure/finance and occasional Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked his wife Jen if she could give his boss, Peter Dutton, a call and tell him that he’s too sick to be censured today.

”What are the odds that I would wake up on a day where I am to face the consequences of my actions with a scratchy throat?” Asked the member for Cook. ”Can’t be too careful, so best I stay at home and watch a little Judge Judy on the tele.”

”Wouldn’t want to pass on what I had to one of my colleagues now, would I?”

When asked if he was actually sick or just once again running from scrutiny, the member for Cook said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”When have I ever run away from anything, well except for Hawaii, but that was Jen’s idea.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, Judge Judy is on soon and I’m feeling a little peckish, might UBER Eats up some Engadine Maccas.”

Mark Williamson


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