Sussan Condemns Labor For Delivering A Surplus Not A Ssurplus

Peter Dutton’s number two (for now) Sussan Ley has condemned Labor for delivering a budget surplus instead of a budget ssurplus.

”Mr Albanese needs to have a good hard look at himself and apologise to the Australian people,” said Susssan Ley. ”How dare he ignore the advice of my numerologist, how dare he.”

”He thinks he’s so clever with his popularity and budget’s back in black.”

When asked why the Coalition were so negative given that the budget was seemingly heading in the right direction, Susssan said: ”My focus is on jobs, namely Mr Albanese’s job. The position of Prime Minister rightfully belongs to the Liberal party.”

”Or should I say Prime Minisster.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see my numerologist to see what advice they have for me on how to make Australia or Ausstralia as I call it, great again.”

Mark Williamson


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