Scott Morrison Lowers Pension Age For Prime Ministers

turnbull morrison

After checking the latest polls, 50 year old Scott Morrison has announced that Prime Ministers will now be eligible for the pension when they turn 51.

“I’ve taken a second look at the budget figures and concluded that the nation can afford to look after Prime Ministers who have unexpectedly passed their use by date at a younger age,” said a worried looking Morrison with the latest Newspoll in his hand. “No longer will Prime Ministers who are likely to get bundled out at the next election be forced to go onto the Newstart Allowance.”

Economists fear that the move is likely to cost the treasury billions of dollars over the next four decades, with estimates that there will over five million ex-Prime Ministers eligible to receive the pension by the year 2025.

“Labor promises to keep the pension age for Prime Ministers at 52 if elected,” confirmed 51 year old opposition leader Bill Shorten. “Younger ex-Prime Ministers should be able to retrain as backstabbing back benchers rather than go on the dole. Look at the fine examples set by Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.”

Mr Morrison’s move is not as radical as that proposed by 47 year old leadership contender Peter Dutton, who was hoping to lower the Prime Minister pension age to 48 if he’d been successful at the latest spill.

Peter Green

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