Global Warming Solved After One Tenth Of Outrage Over Get Up Ad Is Directed At Actual Climate Change

get up

The world has finally solved the issue of climate change that was threatening its existence after the outrage switch was accidentally flicked from putting the boot into an ad warning of its dangers into putting the boot into the actual problem of climate change inaction.

“It suddenly occurred to me that the froth and spittle I was investing in arcing up over some concave chested Tony Abbott impersonator could be better vented on putting a bee in the bonnet of the rest of humanity over the possibility of waking up one morning to find a groper fish swimming outside their bedroom window,” said professional outrage apoplecteur Simon Veinthrob. “So I set my great shouty voice to hectoring the electorate about the urgency of doing something concrete about global warming and the next minute the Antarctic ice sheet suddenly stopped resembling Niagara Falls. Well I’ll be a blue nosed gopher.”

Whilst Get Up is remaining tight lipped about how it managed to find an actor hideous enough to portray Tony Abbott, it has launched plans to repeat the tactic at the next Federal election.

“We’re looking for more actors with weird chest hair patterns willing to portray lifesavers in what will be beachside electorates in 2022, namely Lindsay at the foot of the Blue Mountains and Eden-Monaro which covers Cooma and Jindabyne.”

Peter Green

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