Morrison Charges Dutton And Abbott With Looking After The Bee During Liberal Parties Campaign Launch


Interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison has charged Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton and Former Minister for Women Tony Abbott with the important task of guarding the bee in the basement during the Liberal parties launch this Sunday.

“Sure I’d love to have Peter and Tony up there on stage with me and the family this Sunday but you know someone has to guard the bee,” said Prime Minister ScoMo. “We initially planned on Malcolm guarding the Bee but he’s busy over in the States said he’s got some million dollar bets to make.”

“Oh well I’m sure Tony and Peter will do a great job and if they need need help I can send down Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz and if we can find her Melissa Price the Environment Minister.”

When asked why the Bee was so important that it needed to be guarded Prime Minister Morrison replied: “We don’t want any distractions on Sunday. Make no mistake this day is all about Me ScoMo. People don’t need to concern themselves with stuff like will Dutton knife me or who will Tony knight this time, that’s all Canberra bubble stuff.”

“Besides our launch is in Melbourne. Poor old Peter Dutton is too scared to go outside so where better for him to hide than in the basement guarding a bee.”

Mark Williamson

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