Christensen Pissed That Palmer Can Go To Fiji But He Can’t Visit Manila Till After The Election

George Christensen

The National parties member for Manila George Christensen has complained bitterly to his party leader Michael McCormack that it’s not fair that Clive Palmer is allowed to travel to Fiji yet he is unable to visit the Philippines until after the election.

“Bloody Clive Palmer with his own plane and own party can do what he wants,” said a petulant Christensen. “Not me though I’ve got to stay in my boring electorate and do my job.”

“Just you wait till after the election I’m going to vote for Barnaby Joyce to lead the party I bet he’d let me go to Manila.”

When asked why he was not allowing George Christensen to travel to Manila until after the election, National’s leader (for now) Michael McCormack said: “Look I’ve been over this with George many a time. We have to stay in our electorates until after we win the election after that well he can move to the Philippines for all I care.”

“As for Clive Palmer well when George Christensen has $60 million dollars of his own money to spend on election advertising then he to can go to Fiji.”

Mark Williamson

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