Panicked ScoMo Accidentally Leaves Lump Of Coal In Taxi Before UN Speech


Panicked Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has realised too late that he left his favourite prop of choice, a lump of coal in a taxi and was unable to use it whilst giving his speech to the United Nations.

“Scott is absolutely devastated not to be able to bring his favourite lump of coal to the UN,” said Political commentator John Kett. “This despite looking great in the papers has not been a good trip for Scott.”

“First he was not allowed to bring his favourite Pastor to the Whitehouse then he forgot to bring his favourite lump of coal to the UN.”

“Poor bugger, well at least he got to regale the UN with tales of the Sharks and Engadine Maccas. The lump of coal will have to wait till next time.”

The Prime Minister wraps up his American visit today with a tour of Manhatten McDonald’s restaurants before heading home to Engadine.

Mark Williamson

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