Scotty From Marketing Tells Jen To Call The Office And Tell Them That He’s ‘Sick’ After A Big Grand Final Night

Australian Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing has asked his wife Jen to call the office and tell them that he’s sick after waking up on Monday with a severe hangover.

”Just between you and me I did have a sink a few tinnies during last night’s game and to be fair am feeling a bit rotten,” said Prime Minister Scotty. ”This morning I will venture on down to the old Engadine Maccas to stock up on some grease and will then kick back this arvo and watch a replay of the 2016 NRL Grand final.”

”I’m sure the country is safe and sound in the hands of the deputy PM, Michael….his name escapes me at the moment but you know who I mean.”

When asked whether it was appropriate for the PM to be chucking a sickie during a pandemic, the Prime Minister said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”Look, my people have done the research and the people of Australia are more than fine with a PM who projects to be just like them. Polling groups aren’t often wrong are they?”

”Besides it’s not like I hold a test tube and can cure a pandemic is it?”

Mark Williamson


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