PM Tells Jen And The Girls They’ll Head To The Goldy In A Few Weeks When The Heat Dies Down

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has had to delay his upcoming weekend away to the Gold Coast with the family until the heat dies down a bit from last weekends Father’s dash from Canberra to Sydney and back.

”The PM loves to spend time with Jen and the Girls, especially when it’s at a beachside location,” said a Government Insider. ”It’s been a stressful few weeks for the PM what with the fall in polling numbers…….and of course the whole pandemic thing.”

”Poor guy can’t even travel to Hawaii, what’s the use of being PM if you can’t bugger off on holiday once in a while.”

When asked why with the majority of the Country in lockdown does the PM feels the need to constantly holiday, the Government Insider said: ”If the PM were here he’d reject the premise of your question.”

”The PM works hard to maintain his image as a daggy Dad. In order to do this he has to be around his kids. I mean we tried photoshopping pictures but they just didn’t rate well with the focus groups.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to head on down to Bunnings and buy the PM a new DIY kit that he can be photographed putting together.”

Mark Williamson


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