PM’s Creepy Mate Tells Him He Better Not Be Lying To Him About Manilla

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s creepy mate George Christensen has told the PM that he better not lie to him like he did to the French President about his future posting to Manila as the new ambassador to the Philippines or else.

”ScoMo promised me Manila, he’d better bloody deliver or otherwise I’ll cross the floor,” said the Member for Dawson. ”I can cause a lot of trouble if I don’t get things my own way.”

”Just ask Michael McCormack.”

When asked why he feels that he has the Prime Minister on a short leash to deliver on his every whim, the Member for Dawson said: ”Scott’s my friend and friends do stuff for friends.”

”Besides he has a small majority in the House of Reps so that means I can do what I want.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my lunch, Scott better bring it to me hot or else I’ll kick up a fuss.”

Mark Williamson


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