PM Assures Blind Trusts That New Social Media Laws Won’t Apply To Them

Australian Prime Minister Scotty who was fired from marketing has moved quickly to assure Australia’s secretive Blind Trusts that the new social media rules demanding people put their names to comments will not apply to them.

”Social media is a toxic swamp of trolls hurling abuse, and that’s just Andrew Laming’s account,” said the PM. ”My Government will clean up the swamp and ensure that it is a place worthy of a PM dropping photo’s of himself in hi-vis and videos of himself knocking up a curry.”

When asked why the Government is seeking to unmask social media users yet will not do a thing about blind trusts, the PM said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”My Government will always send a thank you note to any blind trust that would like to donate to the cause.”

”Admittedly, we address it ‘To Whom It May Concern (wink wink)’ but, we do always send a note.”

Which reminds me, I need to go and send an ‘I’m Sorry’ note to the cleaning staff at Engadine Maccas.”

Mark Williamson


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