Barnaby Stages Mid-Winter Ball Protest Over The Ongoing Bonk Ban

The Opposition’s shadow minister for home and foreign affairs Barnaby Joyce has used Canberra’s Mid-Winter Ball to stage a protest against Parliaments ongoing bonk ban.

”I mean what use is having this ball when we can’t even go on the hunt? Asked the member for New England. ”Do they really expect me to get all dressed up and spend the night dancing with my partner instead of someone else’s?”

”I thought this crap would end once the happy clapper was out of power.”

When asked why he would use a night of charity to push his agenda, the member for New England said: ”I am a man of the people and what use is being around the people if I can’t press the flesh so to speak.”

”Some people live vicariously through their politicians and those people want their politicians to live.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m delivering a speech in the house of reps this morning on the sanctity of marriage. I need to go and practice delivering it with a straight face.”

Mark Williamson

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