Liberal Party To Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Giant Sausage Fest


The Liberal party has announced that they will be celebrating Mother’s day this year with a giant sausage fest that will also double as their campaign launch.

“It was unfortunate timing that Mother’s day falls on the same day as our official campaign launch,” said a Liberal Party Spokesperson. “However lets turn a negative into a positive and have a giant sausage fest.”

“I mean who doesn’t love a banger for breakfast?”

When asked whether any females would feature prominently in the parties campaign launch, given the parties past problems in that area the Spokesperson said: “Well the launch really is all about ScoMo. I mean Tony Abbott won’t be there and Peter Dutton can’t make it. Malcolm hasn’t got back to us. I think Johnnie Howard will probably pop up. So you know.”

Pressed further on what role if any females would play at the Liberal party launch the Spokesperson replied: “Oh they will play a vital role after all how can you have a launch without cakes and sandwiches. The don’t make themselves you know.”

The Liberal parties campaign launch will be held this Sunday, Mother’s Day. Giving the Mother’s of Liberal party candidates the greatest gift of all, a child free day.

Mark Williamson

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