Albo Announces Australia Wide DJ Tour In An Effort To Boost His Popularity

DJ Albo

Opposition leader Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese has reacted to the latest Newspoll by announcing that he will embark on a Nationwide DJ tour in an effort to boost his sagging popularity.

“We’ve seen the polls and to be fair it is early days but I think it’s time to head out onto the road and do what I do best and that’s spin some tunes and skoll a couple of local IPA’s” said Opposition leader Albo. “It has been a long time since I got behind the decks anywhere else other than inner city Sydney or Melbourne.”

“Maybe the people in Albury Wodonga or even Far North Queensland don’t even know that I DJ.”

When asked whether a National DJ tour was the best course of action to be taking rather than say a listening tour or maybe even releasing a policy or two Opposition leader Albo said: “Ah, look what happened to old Mate Bill Shorten, he listened and had policies but he ain’t the PM.”

“What the people want is someone like Hawkey, who can skoll a beer and spin some tunes and that’s why DJ ALbo is heading out on tour.”

Mark Williamson

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