Column: Scotty From Marketing’s Guide To Cooking Up A Leek

ScoMo Curry

G’day Australia, it’s your old mate ScoMo here. Today I’m going to help you through another day of social isolation by teaching you how to cook up a leek.

It’s no secret that around Canberra I am known for my leaks.

Once you’ve had a leek from ScoMo you always come back wanting more. Why not a day goes by without someone, usually a journo, ringing up my office to inquire about when I will be cooking up a leek or two. These calls usually peak around budget time.

Now the key to a good leek is timing. Put it out there too early and it doesn’t attract a bite, too late and it’s yesterday’s news.

When preparing a leek it is essential to get the temperature right. I highly recommend cooking up a leek on high heat.

One thing you must be sure of is not to confuse a leek with a shallot, you cook up one of those and you won’t attract anything other than Abbotts.

So, once you’ve got your timing right and the heat is on voila time to release your leek. I find it’s best to do this slowly, maybe start with a favoured journalist.

Thank you all for looking at my recipe and for those who have a go you’ll get a go, you know. Hopefully this wasn’t too puzzling.

If it was too much of a puzzle then simply hand it off to the kids to keep them occupied.

Join me next time as I share with you my secret to skipping the lines at your local Maccas.

See you later Team Australia

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