ScoMo To Follow Astra Zeneca And Look To Rebrand The Government

Prime Minister for Sydney Scotty from marketing is tipped to follow the manufacturers of the vaccine Astra Zeneca and rebrand his Government, before the next election.

”Morrison or ScoMo as he likes to be branded has had a good run but you know sometimes a change is as good as a holiday,” said a Party Insider. ”Can’t say that around the PM of course otherwise he might piss off again to Hawaii.”

When asked what names were being considered to replace the Morrison/Joyce Government, the Party Insider said: ”Well nothing’s been locked in but Howard and Menzies are being looked at.”

”The PM likes the name Max Power, whilst Barnaby Joyce likes the name Max Thrust.

”But, like I said, nothing has been locked in, although I’d be amazed if Engadine Maccas wasn’t a part of the final name.”

Mark Williamson


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