PM’s Office Declares That He’s Not Missing Just Playing Hide & Seek

The Office of the Prime Minister has declared that the PM has not pissed off over to Hawaii for another holiday but is instead challenging the Nation to a game of hide and seek.

”We can confirm that the PM is in hiding and challenges the Nation to come and find him,” said a Spokesperson for the PM. ”There are a few rules however, no one is allowed to seek in Kirribilli or on the beaches down the South Coast.”

”The PM is a World champion at hide and seek, it took weeks for people to find him during the last bushfire crisis.”

When asked why the PM felt that during times of National crisis it was appropriate to hide, the Spokesperson said: ”If the PM were here he’d reject the premise of your question.”

”Besides, what’s he going to do anyway?”

”It’s not like he holds a hose or gives a RAT.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, the PM has asked me to go out and buy some camouflage coloured swim costumes for Jen and himself.”

Mark Williamson


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