Dutton Calls Engadine Maccas For Help In Dealing With ScoMo’s Sh*t

Australia’s Opposition leader the Dark Lord Peter Dutton has called the manager of Engadine Maccas for advice on how to clean up the shit left behind by the former PM Scott Morrison.

”The Dark Lord is not averse to reaching out for help when needed,” said one of Peter Dutton’s cabinet of Death Eaters. ”Not many people know how to deal with Morrison’s shit.”

”As usually they just sack him, which the Dark Lord can’t do at the moment sadly.”

When asked what advice the Manager of Engadine Maccas gave, Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s head Death Eater said: ”Well, they advised us to use caution and be sure not too infect ourselves.”

”The Dark Lord will definitely seek to keep his hands clean.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go out and buy some puppies for the Dark Lord to strangle. It’s been a very trying week.”

Mark Williamson


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