Engadine Maccas Tells ScoMo That Hiring Him Would Be A Reputational Risk

Unemployable former PM, Scotty from marketing, has suffered another setback after being turned down for a job with Engadine Maccas. This comes hot on the heels of bad guy consulting company PWC also turning Scotty down for a job, saying it would bring an unacceptable level of reputational risk to hire him.

”Poor Scotty, all he wants is to be paid a butt load of money to do very little,” said a Liberal party insider. ”I mean he’s already in that situation now with parliament.”

”Except every now and then he has to cop flack from Shorten and Albo.”

When asked why the former PM was so unelectable, the Liberal party insider said: ”He doesn’t help himself when asked what his strengths are in the interview by saying, that’s not my job.”

”Also, when a recruiter asks if you have any questions about the company asking about the firms holiday policy is not ideal.”

”Anyway, I’m sure someone like Rinehart or Rupert will come up with something to keep him occupied. I mean Tony writes a column every now and then.”

Mark Williamson


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