Country Of 25 Million Shocked To Learn That 35 Of Them Think Peter Dutton Would Make A Good PM


25 million Australian’s are in shock today after learning that 35 of them believe that former Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton would make a good Prime Minister.

“I was a bit stunned to be honest,” said a person in the street. “I mean Dutton looks like a potato, how can he be our leader. Do you remember when he was in charge of health and he wanted everyone to pay to see a Doctor.”

“Didn’t all the Doctors declare him the worst Health Minister ever, that’s the guy they want to lead us? And don’t get me started on what he’s doing on Manus Island.”

When reached for comment former Minsiter Dutton said: “I thank my colleagues for their unwavering support and I promise to those 35 people that voted for me that I will let their loved ones go the minute that I have the keys to the Lodge.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have colleagues I need to shake down. Now where’s my phone book?”

Mark Williamson

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3 replies

  1. Yep17+voted in the last election Facsist Right Wing and many will come out off their closet this time and join them this are the Group falling off the LIPLNP and would never think to go for LP makes
    Your think the mostly older folks waht using ALL LP has made their life a lot easier and only thinking on theme self and
    not what’s happening to their young ones and their grandchildren in10-30 years time


  2. BS coming from a lefty fake media BS. Turnball is a laggy like u mob so suck it up I hope he makes it thru so u lefties have to work harder!!


  3. Mr potato head ?


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