Police To Investigate PM’s Disappearance After He Goes A Day Without Posting A Promo Photo

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been called in to investigate the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s disappearance after the PM has gone a whole day without posting a photo of himself onto social media.

”We are concerned that the PM hasn’t posted in 48 hours,” said a Spokesperson for the AFP. ”We know he is isolating at the Lodge, however he is doing so with a team of photographers.”

”At this stage we will check his internet connectivity, hopefully it’s just an NBN issue.”

When reached for comment over the PM’s well being his office was elusive, with a Spokesperson saying: ”We have no comment at this stage on the PM. However, if he were here I’m sure he would reject the premise of your question.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, we need to somehow have to figure out how to get a plane, a train and an automobile into the lodge for a photoshoot or ten.”

Mark Williamson


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