ScoMo Scoffs At Labor’s $300 For A Jab, Claiming He’d Need 2 McKenzies Just To Administer It

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has scoffed at Labor’s proposal to reward those that come forward for a vaccination jab be with $300 cash, claiming he’d need 2 Bridget McKenzies and the world’s largest spreadsheet to administer it.

”The Labor Party really are naïve if they think it’s as simple as ‘Get jabbed and here’s your $300’,” said the Prime Minister for Sydney. ”Firstly, we need to know what electorates people live in, how much of a swing is needed to hold the seat and then whether or not $300 is enough or too much.”

”I mean, $300 doesn’t buy you much in the seats of Toorak or Wentworth, now does it?”

When asked why he was so against rewarding people for vaccines when less than a month ago he was joking about people getting a beer for a vaccine, the Prime Minister for Sydney said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”Besides, a beer doesn’t cost $300. Well, not unless you know you have to shout your media and PR team one when they set up a photo opportunity for you at a pub or sporting event.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of a photo opportunity has got me thirsty for one.”

Mark Williamson


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