PM Says The Un-Vacc’d Should Be Able To Grab A Coffee, Make A Noose & Vote For Him

Australia’s Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has today called upon those in charge of the country to allow greater freedoms for the un-vaccinated. The PM wants the un-vaccinated to be able to grab a coffee, rig up a noose and be able to vote for his Government at the next election.

”I do not want this country turning into a bunch of nanny States,” said the PM. ”If only we had someone in charge who could lead from the front and allow people to get on with things.”

”I mean I’d do it, but you know I do have a lot of things going on at the moment.”

When asked how he could defend people threatening violence against State Premiers and rigging up nooses, the PM said: ”I thought this interview was about anti-vaccers not what Peter Dutton gets up to in his spare time.”

”Australia is a free country, as long as you vote Liberal and don’t live in Tasmania.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m holding a little shindig from some blokes I met at the Melbourne rallies. They told me to stock up on booze as they’ll show me how to make a Molotov cocktail, sounds yummy.”

Mark Williamson


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