Desperate ScoMo Considering Knighthood For Disgraced Prince Andrew

Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has been sounding out his colleagues over potentially knighting the recently demoted Prince Andrew.

”Scott, err, ScoMo is desperate for something to distract the public from all his recent failures,” said a Government Insider. ”He thought he was onto something with the getting kids to drive forklifts brain fart that he had yesterday.”

”However, that really only distracted the Twitterati for an afternoon, so why not knight a disgraced Prince.”

When asked why the PM was constantly looking for a distraction or an announcement rather than just doing his job, the Government Insider said: ”Well being PM’s hard, it’s not the type of job that could be done by an 8 year-old.”

”Actually, now that I think about it, maybe an 8 year old would do a better job.”

Would definitely poll better than the current PM, I mean who doesn’t like an 8 year old.”

”Well, maybe someone who lost their job to an 8 year old.”

Mark Williamson


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