Sky News Hopes Debate Will Double Their Audience From 6 To 12 Viewers

Niche news network Sky News Australia is hoping tonight’s leaders debate between their mate ScoMo and the dastardly Anthony Albanese will lead to the low rating station doubling their audiences from 6 to 12 viewers.

”What a coup for the network to land the leader’s debate,” said a Sky News Spokesperson. ”So glad to see that the debate between that inner city hipster Albo and our glorious leader ScoMo isn’t being covered by the biased their ABC.”

”It’s on the right network.”

When asked why the debate was given to the ridiculously low rating news network, the Sky Spokesperson said: ”We are the highest rating news service beginning with the letter S in the country.”

”When people want news or some background noise, they turn to us.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to head out with my universal remote and see how many televisions in bars, food courts and hospitals I can switch to Sky.”

”If I do well I might drag in another 3 or dare I say 4 viewers.”

Mark Williamson


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2 replies


    You can hear the halfwits howling
    And imagine Rupert scowling
    While the Tele takes a towelling
    For its mangling of the truth.

    They insist the world is flatter
    Than a pancake on a platter
    As they scream of sex and splatter
    Passing lies off for the truth

    Send the facts out on vacation
    While they titillate the nation
    With their shit and their sensation
    Gross perverting of the truth.

    There’s the sprays of Peta Credlin
    Stinking garbage that she’s peddlin’
    All the facts with which she’s meddlin’
    Propaganda never truth

    And now here’s devine Miranda
    Full of spleen and spite and slander
    Even God can’t understand her
    Turns her blind eyes to the truth.

    Every headline’s a contortion
    Of the facts a sheer distortion
    Born of ghoulish misproportion
    And they never ever ever
    Tell the truth.


  2. So once again all the time will be given to Morrinson and Albo will be cut shory .


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