ScoMo Refuses To Comment On Whether Or Not He’s Still Secret PM

Australia’s former Finance, Health and Resources Minister Scott Morrison has refused to comment on whether or not he has been secretly sworn in as Prime Minister.

”Look, I won’t be commentating at this time but let’s just say my days now are pretty much similar to when I was PM,” said possible PM Scott Morrison. ”I mean, I still wake up each morning and put my pants on one leg at a time.”

”Just now there is less photographers there to take pictures of me doing it.”

When asked what other borderline unethical stunts he pulled off as PM, the Member for Cook (for now) said: ”That’s for me to know and all the political journalists to reveal in their upcoming books.”

”Besides, who knows how the future will pan out, I may have to have something up my sleeve to reveal if I ever need to flog a book of my own.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to be off and see if I can be sworn in as the secret Minister for McDonalds.”

Mark Williamson

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