Coalition To Consider Replacing Dutton With A Potato After Woeful Budget Reply Speech

The Opposition today are holding emergency meetings with a view to rolling their leader, the Dark Lord Peter Dutton and replacing him with an actual potato after Mr Dutton’s woeful budget reply speech.

”It was a long shot to be honest to put Dutts in as leader,” said a Liberal Party Minister off the record. ”I mean we knew no one would actually vote for him.”

”But, what could we do, he had a lot of our loved ones being held hostage.”

When asked who would be the one to tap the Dark Lord on the shoulder, the Liberal Minister said: ”Good question. Maybe we could ask Bill Shorten to do it for us, he knows his way around a knife.”

”I think they we may all draw straws to be honest. Angus is the one who should probably do it.”

”But, you can’t really trust him with a knife. The daft bugger would probably sell off the rights to the knife.”

Mark Williamson


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