Nation’s Satirists Breathe Sigh Of Relief As Coalition Returns To Power


Australia’s political satirists breathed a collective sigh of relief as the implications of Scott Morrison’s surprise election win started to hit home.

“Engadine Maccas, Peter Dutton’s uncanny resemblance to a King Edward potato, Barnaby Joyce being Barnaby Joyce… we’ve still got them,” said keyboard warrior Janice Punnyname. “It’s not that the Labor government would have been any less hypercritical, corrupt or incompetent, it’s just that you feel like you’re picking on some poor dumb animal when you put the slipper into Labor, whilst the Libs are just so visibly smug and irritating.”

A minute’s silence was held around the nation to pay respect to Tony Abbott before Photoshop was once again opened and “I heart Manilla” slogans were being superimposed onto George Christensen.

“There’s going to be a hole in our lives left by the idiots who thought the Coalition were going to lose and jumped ship like rats just before the election,” said short video maker Mark Aptonym, nodding towards a poster of Christopher Pyne with the words “Never Forget’ written underneath.

There was some confusion at Centrelink as several Tony Abbott impersonators jostled with the actual Tony Abbott as they lined up to register for Newstart.

Peter Green

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