ScoMo Gets A Laugh In The Party Room By Asking Cormann To Do Some Basic Maths


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lifted spirits in the Coalition party room by pulling out his favourite party trick of asking the Finance Minister Matthias Cormann to do some basic maths.

”Scotty really knows how to keep spirits high,” said a Coalition Insider. ”I tell you when he asked Matthias whats 13 minus 7 was the place erupted, and by the time Cormann said 8 well there were people passing out on the floor from laughter.”

”Oh, what a hoot it was, I can’t wait till he has to help knock out the budget.”

”When asked whether it was problematic for the Prime Minister to have a Finance Minister who was unable to do basic mathematics, the Coalition Insider said: ”Problematic, are you kidding?”

”With Matthias around as Peter Dutton’s numbers man ScoMo is as safe as houses. Sure it’s gonna lead to some bad headlines every now and then when he cocks up some budgetary measures but it’s not like we have an Opposition stronger than Dutton to worry about.”

”Now. if you’ll excuse I’m off to wind up Barnaby about the Queensland border being closed during schoolies.”

Mark Williamson

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