ScoMo’s Creepy Mate Tells Him That Lockdowns Don’t Apply To Sovereign Citizens Like Himself

The Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has been told by his creepy mate the member for Dawson that lockdowns like what Canberra is about to endure don’t apply to sovereign citizens.

”The Coalition is a broad church, with many, many differing views,” said the PM. ”Some, like George are sovereign citizens, whilst I’m not sure what that means, if it’s what George wants to identify as, then who am I to stop him.”

”Besides, George is technically a National so he’s Barnaby’s problem child.”

When asked why he was so lenient to the Member for Dawson’s flagrant disregard for the Government’s health advice, the Prime Minister said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”Why just the other day I joined the others in parliament in flogging my old mate George with the warmest of lettuce.”

”Also, later tonight, I will make George eat all the lettuce that comes with his 27 Big Macs that he usually eats for dinner.”

”Which reminds me I must get on the phone and order George and I our dinner. We’re bubbling together you know.”

Mark Williamson


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