ScoMo Tells His Creepy Mate To Ignore Clive And Stay Friends With Him

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has called upon his creepy mate George Christensen to ignore approaches from billionaire shit-stirrer Clive Palmer and stick with the Coalition.

”I know at the moment George feels like the popular girl at school,” said the PM. ”George, mate, I know Clive looks attractive what with his wads of cash and stacks of hydroxychlorquine.”

”But George, think of all the good times we’ve had. All the ladies’ table tennis games we’ve watched, all the YouTube conspiracy clips you’ve shown me and of course well there was those naughty magazines we found that time in the bushes.”

When asked why, with the country in a pandemic he was willing to give the Member for Dawson so much leeway, the Prime Minister said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”It’s not all fun and games in the Coalition. I mean, when people act up I flog them with the warmest of lettuce.”

”Speaking of games though, George mate – if you’re interested I have a couple of tickets to see the Sharks play this weekend. We can breach the bubble if you want.”

”I’ll even shout you dinner at Maccas Engadine.”

Mark Williamson


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